Private Dining

Invite Nature's Chef into your home as you have the control of time,
set your pace to a slow food movement. Feasts combined with what
the chef finds along his wild journeys is an experience that no restaurant
can offer. Years of professional cooking in commercial kitchens has lead
him into a realization with a more intimate setting, one where the chef
connects with the guests to custom tailor to their needs.

Connecting to the chef will connect you with the story of your food, how it
ended up on your plate. Feel free to pick the chef's brain. Be in the comfort
of your own space, have a private chef at your demand. Rest and relax,
enjoy what nature has to offer. Your view on dining will never be the same.

How it Works

• View the calendar for availability
• Send the date, time and place you would like to have catered.
• What's the purpose? (i.e., birthday, anniversary, just for fun).
• Please let the chef know how equipped the kitchen is (cookware).
• Dietary restrictions must be acknowledged.
• The chef will provide a first draft menu and proposal contract.
• Host typically sets up the table, chef adds wild table decor (if needed).

Plated 3 course menu 2-12 persons
2ppl $120, 3-4ppl $100, 5-6ppl $80, 7-12ppl $70
Add pairing of wild fermented beverages and teas;
2ppl $30, 3-4ppl $25, 5-6ppl $20, 7-12ppl $15
*Priced per person

Family style service 6-20 persons
6-8ppl $70, 9-12ppl $60, 12-16ppl $50, 17-20ppl $40
Add pairing of wild fermented beverages and teas;
6-8ppl $20, 9-12ppl $18, 12-16ppl $15, 17-20ppl $12
*Priced per person