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Food Chi

After a period of exhaustion and imbalance in his life and diet, Kral’s natural evolution led him to seek after a richer, deeper vein of alchemical food. The Life Force itself had to be brought closer to home. It was one thing to eat (home grown, traditional, meaty meals…) but quite another to eat and prepare foods in ways that bring vibrant health and deep healing power to our personal and planetary food crisis.

Qi is Power. Foods that are nutrient dense and packed with hi-vibing life-force are sometimes referred to as “Superfoods”. They have power beyond their recognized value, bestowing youthful vitality and elevating the immune system to ward off disease and sickness. Tom’s evolution towards Superfoods is a natural part of his quest toward living a long, happy and healthy life and his desire to share this with community. This is the heroes quest as Joseph Campbell would say. It was through these nutrient rich foods that Kral began to delve deeper into mysteries of food as medicine. From (goji berries to lacuma powder, kale to coconuts) these Qi foods pack power that not only energize us throughout the day, but assist in healing many ailments that are directly attributed to the sickly, sedentary, lifestyles of modern society.

While Superfoods are a godsend, there can be a trendiness and economic/ecological cost factor to supporting a packaged and shipped Superfoods diet. The most Qi-potent foods available are the living foods, the local, fresh, organic, and especially, the wild ones. What was needed, he realized, was a place to call home. Not a free-floating cosmopolitanism of the Metro-scape, but a return home in a deeper sense: to the green spaces, gardens and wild places of his own Motherland, Canada. He needed a place to root deep in the Earth herself. Nature’s Call was a setting sun in the land Westward for this Chef. The Wild Coast of Sooke, British Columbia was to become his Holy Land stand through Food~Power.

Bon Appetite!