Nature’s chef | “Foraging for healthy food, Tom Kral finds inspiration in native traditions of hunting and gathering.” By Grace Szucs -07/31/2015
eat magazine

Eat Magazine

Ocean front dining doesn’t get more authentic than this, thanks to Nature’s Chef and his knowledge of wild, edible food. By Holly Brooke – 05/22/14


The Oprah Magazine

Where to Eat | “This Czech restaurant in Queen West is a favourite among locals, who come for the dumplings, sausages and danishes.” By R.R
Sooke Scoop

Sooke Scoop

The Quest for the Culinary Holy Grail | Meet Nature’s Chef, a brilliant young chef on his quest for the deep-roots of his culinary path. By Dante Chicano – 03/09/2015




Daily Gem

Responding to the call of nature | We are all sacred beings, and so is our food. By Jarvis Emerald – 09/22/2015