“Habitat Acquisition Trust has the mission of protecting nature in our region, so Nature’s Chef was a natural choice for us in celebrating 20 years of conservation with sustainable food. We are so delighted that a Chef like Tom keeps our region nourished with delicious and creative foraged and local foods. We can celebrate and protect our natural bounty better by understanding and tasting what it has to offer. The canapes he created for our fundraiser event were simply excellent.”

Habitat Acquisition Trust, Alanah Nasadyk

"I'm incredibly grateful to have had Tom prepare his amazing meals on multiple occasions, both in professional and personal settings. The love he puts into gathering the ingredients and transforming it into a meal was something that resonates with everyone. No matter who I'm enjoying Tom's food with, every person loves it (and I've enjoyed it with groups that include diverse tastes such as raw vegans and fast food lovers). We're lucky now to be able to experience this on a regular basis and every time Tom wows us with something new and delicious."

CTR, Haafiz Dossa

"I have had the honour of co-teaching a workshop with Tom and witnessing his creativity using fused glass to make a plate in the shape of a mushroom. Tom is not only a very creative, talented chef full of passion and deep knowledge, he is also a very skilled and fun workshop teacher. You will always leave his workshop satisfied and curious to learn more about food and nature. His workshops and wisdom aren’t to be missed."

Susan Isaac, M. Ed. and Shards Glass Studio. www.shardsglass.com

"Natures Chef has brought a new enthusiasm to creative and wholesome meals. Tom Kral opens his mind to accommodate my visions for treating my guests with the exceptional flavours and food exploration. I have had Tom design menus and single handedly build nourishing 4 course meals for more than 10 people on four occasions. My guests always find themselves being inquisitive about how Tom forages out these unique dishes. I have the utmost respect and gratitude for Tom that continues to make each event I plan very special. We are usually in the outdoor setting and at all times of the year, where he can cook by fire and my guests are free to walk about. We always feel very satiated afterwards and full of energy. Tom is a wizard!"

Private diner enthusiast, Britt Tregear

"We experienced a delectable plant based creative menu with the Nature Chef, Tom Kral, here in our home. Our home was left perfect as well, no dishes to wash, no clean up required. A bonus the night was made with an amazing sound journey component that Light of Sound Astaria Light. Highly recommend this experience with the Nature's Chef. Very professional, fun, clean, fresh & super awesome."

Temple Home Wild at Heart, Lulu Love Rose

"What a great weekend at Natures Chef's (Tom's) tipi! I went with a group of 12 girls for a surprise stagette. I can genuinely say we all enjoyed the whole experience. We learnt about the food, where it came from and its nutritional values, at the same time as having an epic adventure!"

Private guest, Gemma

"Nature's Chef always creates the most delicious wildcrafted foods that will blow your mind, nourish your body, and feed your soul. Watching him in action is incredibly inspiring, as his techniques and approach to food are none other than a true art form. He is a great friend and a down to Earth kinda guy that truly is on a mission to cultivate awareness, health, and sustainability in our food industry. Nature's Chef is the real deal. You MUST join him for dinner!!"

Light of Sound, Astaria Light