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When: November 27, 2022 @ 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Where: Elemental Collective, 7237 Ella Rd. Sooke, BC.

Wildcrafted Gifts Workshop Series – Sunday’s 12-4pm Nov.27 Ales for what Ales Ya Dec.4 Food Chi Fermentation Dec.11 Herbal Smokes & Teas After the harvest time, we settle in the warmth of our dens to enjoy[…]

November 27, 2022 @ 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Elemental Collective
7237 Ella Rd. Sooke
Chef Tom Kral

Wildcrafted Gifts

Workshop Series – Sunday’s 12-4pm
Nov.27 Ales for what Ales Ya
Dec.4 Food Chi Fermentation
Dec.11 Herbal Smokes & Teas
After the harvest time, we settle in the warmth of our dens to enjoy the fruits of our labour and the abundance of the land and sea. Beside a crackling fire we indulge in the joyful fellowship of family and friends for the holiday season. What better way to prepare and gift for this sanguine time than to create and taste the joys of the harvest than our triad of workshops. Whether these labours be indulgences of your own, or Christmas presents for others, the end products and skills acquired will be gifts that keep on giving.
Part 1 – Ales For What Ails Ya
Sunday, November 27th. 12-4pm
An afternoon of effervescent elixirs and healing ales that are made from nature’s apothecary: herbs, roots, shoots and mushrooms. Gathered and transformed through kitchen alchemy into delicious, nutritious spirits. The divine gift of sacred and herbal healing ales is both a celebration and a holy medicine for the Body-Mind-Soul-Spirit.
Winter is a time for rest, slow internal rhythms and a nice dark stout or spiced ale that goes well with the darkness of the days. In this workshop we will explore the world of culture’s and foraged ingredients that were once traditionally used.
What we aim to cover;
* Kid friendly ferments
* Honey based elixirs
* Medicinal mushroom ale
* Wild wines
* Wild yeast fermentation
* Traditional ales
* Foraged ingredients
This workshop is not focused on alcohol consumption, these beverages bring diverse probiotic bacteria that supports gut-brain health and boosts the immune system.
Part 2-Food Chi Fermentation
Sunday December 4, 12-4pm

Revive your cultures! Fermentation is our ally and ammunition in combining a vibrant, biodiverse and culinary magic in our kitchens! The body is our garden and forest. The bio-diversity of healthy foods we eat is a microcosm of our omnivorous evolution and ecology. The greater the diversity of microflora in our guts, the greater the health of our inner, unseen gardens and forests. 
Why Ferment?
  • Bringing Culture and Nature together: Cultivating Biophilia
  • Increasing the diversity of micro flora in our guts and bodies as a way to health
  • Cultivating beneficial microbes like lactobacillus for multiple health benefits
  • To preserve food and consume less energy, by boiling, cooking, refrigerating less
  • Self-Empowerment, creating our own food culture and diversity vs. corporate monocultures
  • Radical experimentation with Wild Lifeforms and Creative Culturing
  • Epicurean Delights!  Fermented foods and beverages are just plain delicious:
•fruit juice into wine
•flour into bread
•milk into cheese, yoghurt, kefir 
•cabbage into sauerkraut 
Within this workshop let us practice different forms of fermentation. We’ll introduce how we can gather a library of cultures, starting from nature. Also making a wildfood sauerkraut together so you will take home a jar to share with loved ones. 
Part 3-Herbal Smokes & Teas
Sunday December 11, 12-4pm
Join for our annual spirit smoking workshop and sip some teas with the trees. Calming, empowering, soothing and tasty. There’s a whole range of herbs we can start including into our smoke and tea culture. Sample what healthy smokes to roll, pack in the pipe, or brew in the pot. Feel the effects from the culinary herbs found in your kitchen, to the wild herbs that grow around you. Mix your own tea and smoke blends for gifts to those looking for a healthy alternative or addition to marijuana and tobacco.
What we aim to cover;
* Foraged wild herbs for smoke and tea
* Smoke blends to heal the lungs
* Understanding the benefits of what herbs offer
* How and when to harvest herbs
* What you can smoke in your kitchen
* Crafting a pipe from nature
The wizardry of smoke and tea lies in the alchemical transmutation of the elements: Earth + Fire + Air + Water = Spirit Medicine
*Samplings offered in the workshops and tea. Bring water, tea, snacks or a meal if you feel you need more for our time. Dress for the weather, we are outside sheltered with a fire. Bring a note pad.
Our mission is to better the world, through the superpowers of culinary arts and it starts with you! 
To take part in one workshop $50
To take part in all 3 workshops $130
Send e-trans to [email protected] use the word “elements”. Send message with your name and the workshop/workshops you would like to partake in. Space is limited.


Elemental Collective 

7237/7239 Ella Rd. Sooke. 

5th driveway down Ella road on the left you will see white sign says Elemental Collective, drive down long driveway along blackberry bushes, parking is available. If there is not enough parking you can park along Ella road. Also there is a public bus stop only 5min walk away. When arriving come along to the back space on your right, we will have covered space.  


About your hosts:

Nature’s Chef, Tom Kral
Over 25 years of professional cooking experience and a bloodline of cooks has evolved Tom Kral into Nature’s Chef. From a child growing up in a Czech deli and spending time at the family cottage, camping and foraging played a important role of his life that developed a deep connection with nature. Following his passion for cooking it led him down a path of being trained by some of the worlds best chefs, then to owner of a renowned restaurant and catering business in Toronto, ON. After a chef burn out and a awakening he finally came to settle in supernatural BC because of the irresistible call for the wild. His passion for putting medicine back into our food quickly grew into a whole new genre of dining experience, which he delivers to others through edutainment.

Dante Chicano
Dante has been on the rewilding path since tasting the first gulp of real air in the countryside as a child. He has followed the wild calling westward for the last 25 years, dwelling in nature, downloading messages directly from the source. After a period of over ten years, he decided it was time to bring his learning directly to the people: Elemental medicine, plant and animal knowledge, spirit guides and soul philosophy communicated to him are now shared lessons & teachings for everyone who has the ears to hear and the heart to receive.

Kaitlyn Irene (special guest!)

Kaitlyn grew up on the wild west coast of this beautiful Island. From her earliest memories of making fermented berry soup and dandelion salad as a child, a deep love and respect for the earth and local flora has been intertwined with her growth and development. Now a mother herself, Kaitlyn is passionate about sharing her knowledge and experiences with others as a means of inspiring the next generation to care for the earth, and to be nurtured by its beauty and abundance. 


Elemental Collective

The Elemental Collective seeks to create a harmonious culture of humans living in attunement with the natural community of plants, animals and elemental powers. Through offering nature education workshops, retreats & culinary events, art, healing, ceremony and celebratory events we strive to inspire further generations of land stewards and community co-operatives by sharing the knowledge needed to sustain and thrive as human beings. Honouring all life forces & fostering a deeper commitment with the Earth, we attend to the interwoven threads of personal, community and bioregional relationships. By forming a Co-operative we are bringing together the diverse gifts, knowledge and experience of our team, the Elemental Guardians, to acquire the land we are living on, in order to bring a much needed alternative project of ‘doing business differently’ than most of the current models that are in crisis. It is a visionary task, and there are countless challenges to surmount, but the steadfast hearts of our fellowship are up for the adventure!

We endeavour to honour the land and its people by strengthening our relationship and responsibilities to the land. We acknowledge that we live and work on unceded Coast Salish Territories.



Let’s gather and celebrate the richness of this human experience together!