Nature Walks

Foraging Nature Tour

Nature’s Chef invites you seeing the world through the eyes of a forager on your own private plant walk. Tap into the powers and flavours that surround us, to re-learn what has been forgotten. Tom will open you up to safely identifying wild plants, sustainable harvesting practises, also covering medicinal plants and even tool uses. Learn helpful processing tips and how to prepare wild-foods so they can be tasty. Connecting with the plant kingdom can build resilient community, support the immune system, establish better food security systems and restore wildlife habitat.

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What to expect

A 3 hour plant walk. We start on the lands of Elemental Collective, a place we have been working on restoring the land and establishing food forests. We’ll be covering a wide variety of plants, from common weeds found in the garden or lawn, the trees that surround us, wild mushrooms and seaweeds. Travelling through the area you will see diverse eco- systems, each offering something different throughout the year. This is a light activity that suits all ages.
A wild harvested tea will be offered and a nourishing snack to finish the tour

How to Book

– View the calendar to see availability
– Contact the chef with name, how many participants, preferred date & time – Inform of any medical issues, allergies, dietary preferences
– The chef will follow up to confirm

How to prepare

Please dress appropriately. Warm and cool layers, waterproof gear, hiking boots, non disposable water bottle, note pad and pen.


1 person $150
2-3 persons $100
4-6 persons $80
*Price per person, plus taxes. Maximum 6 people group.