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We are nature, it’s in our relationship with our food which connects us to the earth. A diet rich in wildfoods brings great nutrients, supporting our immune system and overall health. I’m here to help unlock your inner natures chef, sharing my wild culinary gift, helping you feel empowered and loving your time crafting your meals.I have a wide diverse of culinary skills to offer with over 25 years of professional cooking experience and a life of growing up in the forest!

Online Workshops

Stay tuned for what’s to come! I’ve got many thrilling recipes to share and all sorts of kitchen tricks. From sustainable foraging tips, processing, preserving, fermenting and preparing these wildfoods so that they are fun, safe and nourishing for all ages. Workshops range from 30min-2hour, we connect through Zoom so you can ask questions, link will be sent to you once you have registered.


Back to the Basics – Part 3/3 @ Online Event

Apr 22 @ 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm

Back to Basics – Thrive in the Wild

Join Nature’s Chef Tom Kral every Thursday for 3 consecutive weeks in this online class that will teach you to thrive in the wild. Tom will discuss cooking in nature, survival plants for hikers as well as spring foraging tips and tricks. Each class is presented in Zoom with instructional video, photos and lots of time for questions.

Content is focused for the Pacific Northwest but can relate to anywhere in the northern hemisphere.

April 22 – Spring Foraging. Part 3 of 3 workshop series

Join Nature’s Chef, Tom Kral, on Earth Day to connect with the plant kingdom. Explore the abundance of wild-foods that Spring time offers. From common weeds to budding trees, Tom will share his favorite spring wild-foods, and how to introduce them to your diet while greatly improving your micro-biome and strengthening our relationship to this earth.

This workshop will cover:

  • What is out there to eat and not to eat
  • Understanding plant families
  • Ethical harvesting practices
  • How to process efficiently
  • Preserving methods
  • Preparing wild-foods so they are delicious
  • Bonus wild-food hemp aioli recipe, yum!

Learn what the plants want to teach us and understand every plant communicates to us. Tom is a passionate chef that has a call of the wild. He aims to share sacred knowledge, bringing back what has been taken away. As we remember how to tend the plants, it can help build a resilient community. Plants have amazing capability to heal us!

To Register; Please click on the ticket link to check out through Eventbrite. $60 US cost for the workshop series of 3 classes or $25 US for individual workshop. Event is capped at 40 persons so you can ask questions. Event is hosted by Kula Cloth

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About your Instructor;

Nature’s Chef, Tom Kral

Over 25 years of professional cooking experience (and a bloodline of cooks) has evolved Tom Kral into Nature’s Chef. As a child growing up in a Czech deli, Tom spent time at the family cottage where camping and foraging played an important role in his life. This experience allowed him to develop a deep connection with nature & food.

Following his passion for cooking, it led him down a path of being trained by some of the worlds best chefs, then to owner of a renowned restaurant and catering business in the bustling city of Toronto. After experiencing chef burn out and an awakening, he followed his heart west. His irresistible call for the wild lead him to settle in Sooke, Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada to steward the land of Elemental Collective.

Tom shares his culinary knowledge through private dining experiences, culinary adventures, workshops, retreats. He also collaborates with other facilitators.

Acknowledging that he lives and works on unceded Coast Salish Territories, specifically T’Sou-ke nation.

Private Zoom with a Holistic Chef

Book your one on one online session with your chef and ask away! Tom has a wide diverse of skills, from wild plant, algae, fungi identifying, processing tips, fermenting, preserving, making delicious and nutritious meals for the the family or someone who you want to impress. Send a message to the chef with your inquiry and he’ll see if he can fill in your request.

Specializing in;

  • ~ Foraged foods
  • ~ Fermented foods
  • ~ Fermented beverages
  • ~ Holistic cooking
  •  ~Sourdough baking

How to Book;

  • ~ Schedule your time through the Calendly App
  • ~ Send a message to the chef with your interest, what you would like to focus on
  • ~ The chef will follow up to confirm and send you Zoom meeting invite
  • ~ After your session you can send a honorarium payment



$1/min sent through the Paypal link